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World Microcomputer Chess Championship XIV Round 3

World Microcomputer Chess Championship XIV Round 3

1.  GUNDA-1                (2)   - virtualChESS-2                         0  -1
2.  BREAKTHROUGHl II (2)   - ZEUS3.1            (2)                  0  -1
3.  PANDIX                  (1/2) - WOODPUShER  (2)                  0  -1
4.  COMET                  (1/2) - FERret              (1 1/2)            1/2-1/2
5.  SHREDDER             (1/2) - EUGEN-7           (1 1/2)            1  -0
6.  DARK TI-lOUGfIT    (1)   - GANDALF-X         (1)                 1  -0
7.  CENTAUR               (1)   - CRAfTY              (1)                 0  -1
8.  Patzer                   (1)   - NIGHTmare        (1)                 0  -1
9.  FRANCESCA            (1)   - HEUREKA           (1)                1/2-1/2
10. INTERCHESS          (1)   - XXXX2.0            (1/2)              1  -0
11. SCHACH-3            (1/2) - NIMZOˇ3           (1/2)              1/2-1/2
12. Fritz                     (0)   - iSiCHESs2.5       (0)                1  -0
13. THEtURK               (O)   - DIOGENES3.0    (0)                1/2-1/2
14. ANANSE                (Bye) - JUNIOR                                1  -0

berkas tambahan: xiv_world_microcomputer_chess_championship_round_3.pdf

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