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Bulletin 9 Wotulo Memorial Grandmaster Chess Tournamen

Bulletin 9 Wotulo Memorial Grandmaster Chess Tournamen

Wotulo Memorial Grandmaster Chess Tournamen, yang diselenggarakan di Claion Goldon Hotel, Jakarta Indonesia
Tanggal 23 Maret sampai dengan 02 April 2001. Bulletin 9 membahas babak ke-9 pada tanggal 29 Maret 2001 yang berlangsung dari pukul 15.30-22.30, dengan beberapa pembahasan strategi yang dipakai oleh para pemain.

berkas tambahan: bulletin_9.pdf

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Komentar dari LtLRuThZekMR:
No question this is the place to get this info, thnaks y'all.
Added at: 2011-08-09 03:04

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Komentar dari tDwcZluDMlVGoSNME:
Quick quietson. It Quick quietson. It is generally accepted at club level that most keen players can easily achieve 160 standard. But how do players like myself who are (and have been for many years) graded 170/180 improve further, perhaps even to your standard? There seems to be a wall that most players run into and never learn to climb. Am I right in thinking it's simply brute-force calculation? When you beat the likes of me OTB so easily I realise the gap between us is far greater than the width of the board.
Added at: 2012-10-23 11:44

Komentar dari sPEypTdADdDJtQ:
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Komentar dari 6Njx6fECSV:
I really like this. I got it from taregt, for $12.00. I also have chessmaster 10th edition. Fritz has amazing analysis features. I like putting on infinite analysis and going through my games and basically bouncing my ideas off the computer. Fritz can tell me if my idea is outright losing or playable at the human level. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the user interphase is a touch complicated and not really intuitive. There are features that it possesses that you won't use or won't know how to use. At first I felt like I was using a super computer for addition and subtraction. It has huge potential, but you have to read the help files to figure out how to get the most out of it. All in all if you spend some time in the help files it will be of GREAT assistance to you.I wouldn't reccomend it for someone looking to play a weaker computer. Chessmaster 10th edition has the rated personalities that play at a lower level and gradually get difficult. Fritz is really more like 2800ELO or 1500ELO and not much room for any variance.
Added at: 2015-12-12 22:17

Komentar dari gUXj0V4i:
Hi Wan,Thanks for your suggestions. I may well foollw your advice about getting the Silman endgame book to read before Dvoretsky, as Dvoretsky is certainly hard reading which would probably be made less painful by having a bit more endgame knowledge under my belt first. I agree with you about reading Muller after Dvoretsky.I will look into the Watson works. My understanding and knowledge of openings I don't play is currently poor to nonexistent, and I guess his opening series would help to change this.Finishing Reassess your Chess is certainly high up on my to-do list for after exams. I currently only have the 3rd edition though. The only one of your suggestions I'm a bit puzzled by is the Pal Benko biography I'm sure it has instructional value but would think it should only make my essential reading list if Pal Benko is a player whose style I particularly try to emulate.
Added at: 2015-12-13 13:57

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